What is the Atman Yoga School® all about?

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The Atman Yoga School® teaches power vinyasa flow, which is a dynamic and creative style of yoga that links breath to movement. We are a multi-lineage yoga school that brings a modern approach to traditional yoga philosophy and asana practice, supported by the wisdom of Ayurveda – the Sister Science of yoga. We follow the spirit of Krishnamacharya’s teachings: fit the practice to the individual, not the individual to the practice.

Vinyasa flow is about utilizing the freedom of movement as a tool for greater self-awareness and discovery. Each class sequence is different, and allows students to create their own experience on the mat, while offering space to modify or layer up the practice in ways that best serve the individual.

Atman Vinyasa is a fluid + dynamic style of vinyasa yoga that is supported by the wisdom of ayurveda + yoga philosophy. Expect a breath-centric practice with creative sequencing, inspiring themes, and space to honor where your body + energy are at on any given day. All levels. Come as you are.

The innermost essence of each individual; soul

The supreme universal Self

The spark or breath of Divine in all beings




We offer one of the most comprehensive vinyasa yoga teacher training programs available, and we are the largest independent vinyasa yoga teacher training school in Norway. Our programs prepare students to confidently teach safe, creative, and dynamic vinyasa classes supported by the wisdom of ayurveda + yoga philosophy. 

The Atman Yoga School® provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for students of all levels to deepen their practice of yoga, while exploring ways to consciously live their yoga off the mat.

200 hours

300 hours


restore + yoga nidra

Join the Atman Yoga School® for a 200 hour power vinyasa yoga teacher training in locations all around Norway. This training is steeped in the ancient traditions of yogic studies, and is designed to merge the wisdom of ayurveda with the needs and interests of the modern yogi.

The Atman Yoga School® 300 hour advanced vinyasa training is centered around three pillars of study and experiential learning, and deepens a students’ knowledge of the ancient practices of yoga and yoga philosophy while simultaneously preparing a teacher for a successful teaching career.

Learn how to slow down and cultivate stillness in the Atman Yoga School® Restore + Yoga Nidra Teacher Training program. All levels of practitioner are welcome to attend this training, and it is open to yoga teachers and non-teachers alike. Students receive a certificate of completion.

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The Atman Yoga School provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for students of all levels to deepen their practice of yoga, while exploring ways to consciously live their yoga off the mat. We also offer teacher trainings in restorative yoga, yoga nidra, and ayurveda, as well as teacher mentorships and apprenticeships. We have been offering high quality yoga teacher trainings internationally since 2015, and are proud to have students from all over the world attend our trainings.

of our graduates teach sometime after graduation

of our teaching graduates teach 2-5 classes weekly

of our teaching graduates have teaching as their full time job

of our graduates who teach do so in yoga studios





The 200 hour training was so amazing! The syllabus was exciting, and followed the students’ natural learning curve, saving the juicy philosophy for our final weekends which gave us time to grow with the teachings. This journey towards becoming not only a yoga teacher, but a more aware human and yogi, would never have been the same without Jessica. She is a knowledgable, open, and caring teacher, and I wholeheartedly recommend her teacher training.

// Kristine, Trondheim

// Danielle, Oslo

The Atman Yoga School® is a beautiful community that is so welcoming to all. It has been a blessing to be able to participate in this 200h TT. It was great fun!

// Kristin, Oslo

Jessica is an inspiring, dedicated and compassionate teacher, and I would strongly recommend Atman Yoga School® to anyone interested in becoming a yoga teacher. The training has not only made me grow as a student of yoga, but also as a human being, and I feel truly grateful for meeting Jessica and to be part of the community of the Atman Yoga School®.