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One Sacred Pause is the passion project of yoga teacher Jessica Winderl, and is the embodiment of what she considers to be the essence of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, and rituals, from the perspective of a wellness entrepreneur. This podcast provides a creative platform for radical self-inquiry, reflection, and the mindful observation of where commerce intersects with spirituality, through thoughtful conversations with forward thinkers in the wellness industries of Scandinavia and the US.

The light-hearted and upbeat “One Sacred Pause with Jessica Winderl” podcast launched early August, 2018, and is focused on the Scandinavian and US communities of yoga, wellness, and meditation, but is relevant to yogis all over the world. It is designed to bring real and raw dialogues about spirituality into the forefront of living our yoga off the mat and in our businesses. 

Topics on the podcast range from ways to balance your personal practice with the demands of a modern society, to the realities of being a full-time yoga teacher, to logistical conversations about pricing, marketing, and positioning yourself in your market. 

On this podcast, no topics are off-limits. Money, failures, successes, collaborations, and staying centered through it all are what we are all about! 

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Jessica and Kate discuss their ideas around what it means to be an entrepreneur operating from a place of feminine energy, what their experiences were like in the corporate world, and what it means to hold boundaries in our personal and professional lives. The conversation ends with a candid discussion around women's menstruation cycles, and how we change the narrative from our monthly period being a burden to becoming a celebration.

season 5 // episode 1

Jessica talks with clinical therapist and yoga teacher Elisabeth Lilja about power dynamics in positions of authority, trust, leadership, ethics, and how to keep our personal power. Elisabeth compares the rigid regulations and testing in the therapy world to the lack of regulations and standardization in the yoga world. What is yoga therapy? What do we do when a teacher or authority manipulates us, or their students? How do we hold ourselves, and others, accountable? 

season 5 // episode 2

The Feminine Code + Doing Business from the Feminine Perspective with Kate Murphy

Investigating Personal Power + Power Dynamics in Leadership with Elisabeth Lilja

This week Jessica is joined by the two yoginis behind The Feelgood Shop, an online webshop in Norway that features sustainably sourced crystals, smudges, oils, and yoga + meditation tools. The three women dive into why they love these tools, how they use them, and how they have enhanced and enriched their practices. They discuss how the practice meets you where you are, and how our relationship with yoga is ever changing.

season 5 // episode 3

Crystals + Rituals with The Feelgood Shop

This week Jessica is joined by Charlie Williams, and the women speak about some of the moments that have defined big changes in their lives. How do we know we need to make changes, so that we are in alignment with our own truth? What inspires us to step away from the status quo in our lives? Charlie shares her inspirational story of moving out of addiction, and moving onto a path that led her to veganism and Iron Man competitions.

season 5 // episode 4

Personal Transformation + Changing Our Life’s Path with Charlie Williams

This week Jessica speaks with Anna Karenina, half of the duo behind the cult-favorite kombucha company, Empress Brew. The women speak about how Anna Karenina started her business a few years ago, and how her passion for creating healthy drinks with unique flavor profiles drives her to be a leader in the kombucha brew scene (not to mention her brilliant branding). 

season 5 // episode 5

The Art of Kombucha, Creativity + Passion with Anna Karenina

This week Jessica speaks with Damodar and Radha Priti, the yoga teachers, Ayurvedic practitioners, and entrepreneurs behind Bhava Wellness and Palo Santo Yoga Studio. The conversation centers on spiritual practices, the meditation styles of Damodar and Radha Priti, and how they work on their marriage and business partnerships throughout the lens of spiritual connection.

season 5 // episode 6

Bhakti, Spiritual Practices + Sacred Relationships with Bhava Wellness

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This week Jessica is joined by osteopath, podcaster, and yoga teacher Mona Elsness to talk about women’s health, the pelvis, pregnancy, and postpartum. Mona is passionate about the breath, and how it can be used to assist women in finding a greater sense of health and wellbeing within their bodies. 

season 5 // episode 7

Women’s Health, Breath + the Pelvic Floor with Mona V. Elsness

Jessica speaks with naprapat, yoga teacher, podcaster and Human Design guide Tone Haave. Tone shares about the history and wisdom of Human Design, and the women discuss how amazing and accurate their charts are, in terms of being a true reflection of who they are. Your HD chart is a powerful tool to understand your energy, your purpose, and how you fit into the world around you.

season 5 // episode 8

Human Design + Self-Awareness with Tone Haave

Jessica speaks with third generation Ayurvedic healer Nidhi Pandya about the context of ayurveda, in relation to where tradition and modernity intersect. Nidhi shares her experiences growing up in India in a spiritual inter-generational family and her arranged marriage, which brought her to New York. The women also talk about the role of money, and how getting paid for your work is an important and valid energetic exchange. 

season 5 // episode 9

The Context of Life + Ayurveda with Nidhi Pandya

Join Jessica as she talks with 4th-generation meditator and ayurvedic astrologist, Tulsi Bagnoli. Tulsi tunes in from her van life in Topanga Canyon, and shares what it was like growing up in a spiritual household and community. The women talk about jyotish (ayurvedic astrology), and Tulsi’s transition into offering her knowledge and expertise as a business. 

season 5 // episode 10

Jyotish + Ayurveda with Tulsi Bagnoli

This week Jessica speaks with the two women behind the Australian brand Women’s Wisdom Co. about conscious conception and topics related to the fertility of women and planning a pregnancy. Karina Marschall and Madison Milton share their passion and knowledge about the journey of preparing your body for a baby, and the wisdom of tapping into the natural rhythms of a women’s body and cycle. 

season 5 // episode 11

Conscious Conception with the Women’s Wisdom Co

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season 5 // episode 2

season 5 // episode 5

Investigating Personal Power + Power Dynamics with Elisabeth Lilja

Bhakti, Spiritual Practices + Sacred Relationship with Bhava Wellness

season 5 // episode 9

The Context of Life + Ayurveda with Nidhi Padya

season 5 // episode 10

Jyotish + Ayurveda with Tulsi Bagnoli

season 5 // episode 11

Conscious Conception with the Women’s Wisdom Co.