The teacher training faculty of the Atman Yoga School® are devoted, authentic, and experienced teachers and dedicated practitioners of yoga who live an ayurvedic + sattvic lifestyle. In addition to the core faculty, each training is supported by various local teachers who are acknowledged for being inspirational standouts in their community. Each member of the core teaching staff has taken yoga teacher training at the 500 hour level or above, and has done hundreds of hours of additional trainings, workshops, and studies. The Atman Yoga School® faculty has taken advanced studies with master teachers such as Shiva Rea, Tias Little, Dharma Mittra, Noah Mazé, and Elena Brower, among others. We are a multi-lineage Vinyasa Flow training school, and we live by the philosophy that we are students first and teachers secondly, we strive to consciously live our yoga off our mat and in all areas of our life.  

 And beyond being deeply rooted in the practice, all of our core faculty members bring a strong experience of the business and industry of yoga to our trainings. Our faculty has opened and operated several successful yoga studios, created and launched extensive programming world-wide, led international yoga retreats, served a multitude of ambassadorships, taught at yoga festivals, hosted various workshops, and have collaborated on and taught yoga in a variety of settings.

Jessica Muir Winderl

Jessica is an American yoga instructor (E-RYT500) and Ayurveda Yoga Therapist based in Oslo, Norway. She leads workshops internationally and teaches at yoga festivals in the US and Europe, such as the Bhakti Fest, Sedona Yoga Festival, Arctic Yoga Conference, Copenhagen Yoga Festival, and the Portugal Spirit Festival.

She is the Founder/Lead Instructor for the Atman Yoga School® and the Atman Yoga Festival, and is known for her creative and unique vinyasa sequences, and her ability to make ancient yoga philosophy and ayurveda accessible and relevant to the modern yogi. Students often comment that they connect to Jessica’s teachings because of her compassionate and encouraging personality, and her authenticity in transmitting the teachings. She strives to embody her practice of yoga daily, both on and off her mat. When teaching, Jessica draws on knowledge and inspiration from the Power, Iyengar, Anusara, and Bhakti traditions. Jessica believes that yoga works, and that the practice meets you where you are. It is a lifestyle that brings physical, mental, and spiritual peace to your body and soul. 

To learn more about Jessica, visit her website at

Sea Marie Biladeau

Sea Marie is a yoga teacher, Five Elements acupuncture graduate, and the co-founder of Karmic Earth, an organization based on collaborating and creating community to bring positive change in the world. She is passionate and dedicated to teaching mind-body tools such as yoga, as a way to show up as an active leader of seva. She helps engaged people to transform their purpose and passion into action through leadership workshops, teaching yoga, and leading adventure service retreats. 

She is blessed to have studied Iyenger yoga, Kripalu Yoga, and Dharma Mittra yoga with master teachers Mary Dunn and Dharma Mittra. Sea Marie also leads Atman Yoga School teacher trainings in Idaho.

When she is not teaching, you can find her somewhere in the water (rivers, oceans, and hot tubs), or skiing in the mountains. She loves to be in nature and tend to her land and small-scale farm called Ida-OM in Driggs, Idaho. Her website is

Johanna Bayer

Johanna is a RYT 500 and YACEP certified Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra teacher based in Oslo, Norway. She teaches weekly yoga classes, proudly assists in teacher trainings for the Atman Yoga School and offers workshops. During the last years she deepened her personal practice in multiple ways, took workshops with different teachers around the world and continued her education on and off the mat.

Johanna’s classes and workshops are playful and heartwarming. Her classes are designed for students of all levels, so that everybody feels welcome and free to find their own practice. Johanna’s passion lies within slower, mindful Vinyasa inspired practices. She enjoys bringing her harmonium along to add on a musical component to her classes. As of lately, she is curiously exploring Bhakti Yoga.

Cecilie Lassen Sveum

Cecilie is an international, Norwegian E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP® Yoga Alliance registered Vinyasa, Restorative and Yoga Nidra teacher based in Oslo, Norway. Cecilie teaches in Norwegian and English. She is a longtime dedicated practitioner of both yoga and Ayurveda. 

Cecilie combines the tools, wisdom and knowledge of Yoga, Ayurveda, Gestalt, and Mindfulness to create and facilitate a healing space for her students. Her classes are inclusive and for all levels. Yoga philosophy, self-awareness and self-enquiry always has a focus in her classes. 

Cecilie experiences vinyasa yoga as a moving meditation, and she teaches a dynamic vinyasa flow. The classes are different every time and she balances inward focus, breath based meditative mindfulness, postural alignment, mindful transitions, energizing practices and challenging peaks. Vinyasa, is a breath-initiated practice, that can inspire students to connect every action of our life with the intention of moving towards what is sacred, or most important to us. This is what she invites her students to experience on and off the yoga mat. 

Being in the state of flow on the yoga mat enables the mind to become still, if only for some minutes, and we can become the observer of our thoughts, sensations, and emotions, and thus become more aware of how we choose to live our lives. Students will develop both strength and flexibility, physically, emotionally, and mentally in Cecilie's classes.  

Astrid Salthaug

Astrid found yoga in 2008 when she studied dance. In the beginning, she used the practice as a tool to breath and to increase her flexibility in dance. When she first understood that there was a philosophy behind the asana-practice, her interest for yoga increased. When she discovered Vinyasa yoga, she totally felt like she was home. Creativity, movement, music, singing, and philosophy – everything sewed together in one package.

She completed her 200 hour yoga training with Atman Yoga School® in July 2017. After graduating from AYS, she has been teaching at Cama Yoga and Magnat Performance Center (groups and private), as well as assisting in festivals like Movement and Arts festival in Oslo, Yogaweekend in Geilo and held classes at conventions.

Astrid graduated from the Atman Yoga School® 340 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

Kristine Iverson

My name is Kristine – and I am a Norwegian yogini. I am so happy you found your way to this little corner of yoga love, passion & living.  

I’m a certified 200 hour yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance since 2016, after graduating from the Atman Yoga School. I teach vinyasa flow classes – powerful & slow like honey, as well as restorative yoga and yoga nidra classes.
I am passionate about bringing fun & play back into your yoga practice & creating a safe space where you can practice and unfold. In doing so, hopefully you’ll shed any ego that is holding you back. 

I graduated from the Atman Yoga School® 340 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

“I want to thank you, Jessica, for being a wonderful mentor to me. I learned so much from you and admire you and your passion for the yoga practice. I hope one day I can be as much of an inspirational yoga leader as you are. Thank you for your patience and the time you have spent enhancing my teaching ability. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

// Megan S.

The Atman Yoga School is based in Norway and offers several different yoga teacher training programs and mentorship programs in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen and around the country. The AYS has 200 hour and 340 hour teacher trainings that are registered with the Yoga Alliance, along with Restorative + Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda Intensive, and Teacher Mentoring programs that provide official CEUs (continuing education units) through the Yoga Alliance.