Certified 300-hour Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Norway

Completion of the Atman Yoga School® 300 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, combined with a previous 200 hour training, will allow a teacher to register with the Yoga Alliance at the RYT 500 level. Some previous 200 Hour training certificates will qualify for admission into the full AYS 300 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, but if the training was completed in a style other than vinyasa (Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin & Yang, Mediyoga, Kundalini, Mixed Style, etc.), then a student must complete our 3 day Intensive Vinyasa Teacher Training program prior to enrolling in the 300 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. The 3 day Intensive is our Bridge Training. 

The Bridge Training is designed to be a crash-course in teaching vinyasa yoga, and to learn the Atman Yoga School® teaching style and teaching philosophy, in order for students to get the most out of their advanced training. 

The Atman Yoga School® 300 hour advanced power vinyasa training is centered around four pillars of study and experiential learning, and deepens a students’ knowledge of the ancient practices of yoga, ayurveda, meditation, and yoga philosophy while simultaneously preparing a teacher for a successful teaching career. The four pillars of the 300 hour training are: Advanced Teaching Techniques, Ayurveda,  Yoga Philosophy, and Meditation Practices. All students are required to submit a research project on a subject related to yoga to qualify for graduation. Example projects include: creating a yoga program for schools, a research paper on the role of yoga in disease prevention, or creating an Ayurvedic lifestyle plan for a specific population.

We offer our Advanced Training in a one-year hybrid format: half of the training takes place in person, and half of it is held online. We believe this offers the best of both worlds -- the opportunity to build community in person and the ability to learn from home. Many of our students are located across Norway, so having an online schedule helps cut down on the time and costs associated with traveling for teacher training. Students will earn a 300 Hour Advanced Certificate from the Atman Yoga School® and to be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 RYT level.


Ayurveda + Yoga
Philosophy //

Advanced Teaching Techniques //

Practices //

Hatha Yoga Pradipika studies, Upanishads studies, Yoga Sutra studies, Bhagavad Gita Studies, ayurvedic lifestyle, ayurvedic nutrition, ayurvedic sexuality + fertility, Samkhya philosophy, chanting, kirtan, daily asana practice, master workshops (arm balances, restorative yoga, inversions, backbends), pranayama, energetic anatomy (koshas, nadis and vayus), personal studies, in-depth Chakra studies, dieties and mythology, ceremonies and pujas, and a graduation thesis.

Anatomy, posture clinics, verbal and non-verbal communication, cue refinement, assisting techniques and hands-on practicum, advanced sequencing workshops, practice teaching, group feedback sessions (themes, music, sequencing), class planning, advanced themeing, video feedback on taught classes (each student teaches a class that is video recorded and analyzed, to provide valuable feedback), opening and closing classes, and how to create community with students.

Learn + practice how to cultivate stillness and turn inward for deep healing. Explore different methods and types of meditation, as both a student and a teacher. Mantra/japa meditation (mala making workshop to create a personalized mala), Yoga Nidra, visualizations, guided imagery, nada yoga (sound meditation), metta (loving kindness) meditation, walking meditation, candle meditation, seated meditation, vipassana meditation, mandala coloring meditation, affirmations, and doshic meditation.

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training 2024/2025 Dates

The 2024/2025 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training will be held in downtown Oslo, Norway at Glød Yoga. 
Join us for this in-depth training, and experience the transformation that occurs during an immersion into the study of yoga through daily sadhana (practice) supported by your sangha (spiritual community). 


MODULE 1 // August 14-18, 2024
MODULE 2 // January 22-26, 2025
MODULE 3 // August 13-17, 2025

// Tuition and Investment //

46.000 NOK Early Bird  48.500 NOK Regular Tuition

Non-refundable/non-transferable deposit of 4,500 NOK due at registration to reserve your space.

*Payment plan available 

Our schedule is always up to date with upcoming trainings and mentorship programs. If you have questions or want to know more, you can also always get in touch!