Yes! While we encourage students to make a commitment to their yoga education when they register, we understand that students might have previously scheduled events like weddings, confirmations, or graduations. Just let us know as soon as you know you will miss a session, and we will assign you extra homework and/or a make up session with a teacher.

Yes! We have 3 exams in our 200 Hour Vinyasa Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training. Two exams are written and “take home”, meaning you do them at home and can use your books and notes. These two exams are General Yoga and Ayurveda. We grade these together as a group during the last weekend, so that we can discuss any questions or go over anything that is not clear. At the Atman Yoga School, we care deeply about our students LEARNING the information, not just passing a timed exam. Yoga has to be learned through repetition and guidance from a qualified teacher. The third exam is a practical teach out, which is done on graduation day.

It depends! We believe that you get out of training what you put into it. In general, our 200 Hour Vinyasa Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training requires 5-10 hours of homework outside of training weekends. Our 340 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training requires 20-40 hours of homework for each session (you have 6 months to complete this). Our Restore Yoga Nidra Teacher Training requires 5-7 hours of homework in preparation of our weekend together. Our goal at the Atman Yoga School is to offer students a quality education while also recognizing that we are Householders (meaning: we have lives outside of yoga!).

Students who are looking for a quality yoga education offered in an inclusive and supportive environment. Our teachers live and breath yoga, and bring their passion to life during our training sessions. Community is the #1 core value at the Atman Yoga School, and we welcome all levels of practitioners from all different walks of life. Our students are professionals, doctors, students, stay at home moms, men, women, researchers, PTs, and so much more. Our students come from all over, and we have more than 20 nationalities represented by our graduates.

Yes! We offer payment plans for our 200 Hour Vinyasa Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training and our 340 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training.

Absolutely! Our programs focus on Ayurveda and yoga philosophy, but we teach you the skills you need to confidently teach safe, inspiring, and dynamic vinyasa yoga classes.

At the Atman Yoga School, our 200 Hour Vinyasa Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training is 6 months long. Our 340 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training is one year long. Our Restore Yoga Nidra Teacher Training and Ayurveda Immersion are each one weekend long.

Yes! Our school is a registered 200/300 RYS with the Yoga Alliance, and our students are eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance upon graduation.

Our yoga teacher training programs are currently offered in Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim, but we are continuing to expand in Norway. Check out our Schedule page for an up-to-date schedule of our upcoming courses.

No! While most of our programs are in English, we are now offering our 200 Hour Vinyasa Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training in Norwegian in Oslo once a year. We will also slowly be offering our other programs in Norwegian too. So you can register for a training in either English or Norwegian.

Yes! About half of our students take a yoga teacher training with the Atman Yoga School with the intention of deepening their own knowledge of yoga, without planning to teach after graduation. However, we always encourage our students to keep an open mind — so many things change during the period of yoga teacher training! Many students who start TT thinking they don’t want to teach change their mind by graduation time and decide they do want to teach. And other students who are sure they want to become a teacher at the beginning of our course also change their minds and decide they need more time to digest the material before they officially step into the seat of the teacher. As we love to say at the AYS, trust the process! Your personal journey will unfold in the way it is meant to.